Wes Edens and MLS Franchise Expansion to Las Vegas

Establishing a sports team in Las Vegas was just a matter of time with several potential investors interested. At the forefront is Wes Edens, who boats a ton of experience being the owner of Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association team, and a co-owner of English premier league team Aston Villa. Even with all these, acquiring an MLS team is at the top of Wes Eden’s priorities, eyeing Las Vegas as their new home. Even though there are still several potential investors linked with the project, it is safe to say that he is one of the favorites for the project.

With most people harboring the belief that the city will get a franchise in the next two years or so, you can see why Wes Edens is interested in acquiring one for the city. This is further strengthened by the withdrawal of a bid from a Sacramento investor who was eyeing a similar project. With no team from Sacramento joining the league soon like was planned initially, Wes Edens has seen an opportunity to add to the city’s fast-growing sports teams.

With more than five different sports teams already finding a home in Las Vegas and several more considering moving to the city, MLS franchise expansion will be a welcomed addition even though things are still far from finished. Although no final decisions have been reached on expansion yet, it is just a matter of time before the city gets a franchise, which Wes Edens is very interested in. Should he be successful in his bid to expand the franchise to the city, the Allegiant stadium is among the venues that may serve as their new home. Being successful in his bid is what stands between his vision remaining a dream or becoming a reality.

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