The Thoughts of Jason Hope on Business Success using Social Networking


Generally speaking, social media has become part and parcel of the day-to-day likelihood of most people. As a matter of fact, about 80% of people world-wide have easy access to social media. As Jason Hope states, different social media platforms have evolved in the past couple of years. Such social media platforms include sites such as Instagram, Facebook and even Whatsapp. During the initial years, people were mainly concerned and excited about the number of comments and likes that they would get on their posts.


On different social media platforms. However, with time, these platforms are fast evolving, to become sites where people are able to have their businesses grow, get some important information and even share important tips about different things. Herein therefore, we shall have a look at what Jason Hope, who is a futurology guru; thinks about the impact that the aforementioned social networking sites are going to have, especially to businesses.


Jason Hope and Social Networking

How Social Media Networks are Helping with the Growth of Businesses

According to Jason Hope, the role of social media has overtime become far more important than ever before. This is especially in how it is helping with the growth of businesses. At first, nobody could have imagined that these social media sites would have been instrumental in helping different companies to make sales directly. However, this is something that is currently happening and many people are plugging into it. 


According to research, most users nowadays are very willing to buy different items through Instagram and Whatsapp platforms, mostly due to the convenience that comes with online shopping. Jason Hope is actually of the idea that this is the exact reason why quite a number of businesses have decided to shift all their focus on their social media presence; in comparison to their websites for instance. The websites are not able to help the businesses direct sales like the social media platforms are doing.