QNET’s Holistic Experience With The Direct Selling Market

Direct Selling has long had a significant impact on the economy. While the economy is cemented by various pillars, including commerce and business, Direct Selling creates ripples effect within the economy. It strikes as a business operating smoothly in motion and creating opportunities for many. But yes, the Direct Selling market has significantly gained traction over the years.

Direct Selling is most known to stamp out the notion of intermediaries. Of course, Direct Selling market links the consumer and the manufacturer directly. This notion minimizes the costs of products and increases demand. Nonetheless, it is integral in creating a significant business-to-business client base making it easy to operate in a huge market.

But yes, QNET is one amazing company that has achieved great feats in the Direct Selling sector. The company boasts a huge client base of direct sellers committed to leading the company to remarkable heights. In 2020, Direct Selling made headlines as a viable source of income. And yes, women and men of different ethnicities and ages delved into the business model to earn an income.

What’s more, QNET India distinguishes itself by featuring numerous products. The Direct Selling model has been a lucrative venture from the fledgling phases. Most interestingly, QNET products range from health and wellness to home & living products.

According to research done by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the direct selling landscape in India is poised to hit INR 64500 in the next 3-4 years. Sure, this prospect is likely to create self-employment opportunities for various individuals within India. The tremendous rise of population in India has opened great doors for the direct selling industry to make waves. Direct Selling is indeed a great method of creating a network of good commerce and beneficial business activity. See related link to learn more.


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