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Joseph Ashford of K4 Global is a name that is synonymous with success. His career as an entrepreneur and business executive has been well documented in magazines like Boss. He has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years and has held senior positions at a number of major publishers. He has also been a member of the British Press Awards judging panel.

Ashford of K4 Global is a passionate advocate of print media and has spoken widely on the subject. He is also a non-executive director of the Newspaper Society. In an increasingly digitized world, Ashford remains a firm believer in the power of print media to inform and engage readers. He has argued that print media provides a unique tactile experience that cannot be replicated online and that its materiality helps to create a more intimate connection between reader and text.

In addition, he has pointed out that print media is not subject to the same issues of data security and privacy that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital world. Consequently, Ashford remains a strong champion of print media, and his commitment to its future is evident in his work with the Newspaper Society.

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