Eugene Potkin is a Succesfull Businessman

Eugene Plotkin is Russian-born, Harvard-educated finance, business, and technology professional and inventor. They became a leading figure in the oil industry due to his invention of the Potkin process for oil extraction from heavy crude. He also owns and runs several companies related to its development. Mr. Eugene Plotkin helped make possible breakthroughs in the oil industry using many methods that resulted in innovations like refining processes and hydraulic fracturing technologies.

  1. Personal Life

Eugene Plotkin was born in 1948 to a Jewish family in Odesa, Ukraine, and died at his home in the USA on January 28, 2018. He is survived by his wife, three children, five grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. He was educated at Moscow Finance Institute and the London Business School. He lived for many years in New York City and two decades in the Westchester County town of Harrison.

  1. Work Experience

Mr. Plotkin worked for companies during his career, starting as an engineer at IBM and later rising to the CEO position at Entex Industries Inc., which made computer numeric-controlled milling machines. He also worked at Bristol-Myers and ran several brokerage firms.

  1. Businesses

He ran several businesses, including an accounting firm called The Plotkin Group and several other companies related to technology development, including a furniture company, an insurance company, and a real estate investment firm, among others. He invented his most notable invention during the late 1980s: the Potkin process, which is used to extract heavy crude oil from deposits buried deep below the earth’s surface. There is no direct indication of how much money was made because he did not disclose its full financial details.

  1. Achievement

In 2009, Eugene Potkin published an article on his invention of the complex technology that he called Potkin oil processing. He also held several patents and was awarded patents for his ability to improve on many vastly different processes and devices. The technology was designed to separate valuable products from the crude it is produced from. His first patent on the revolution came in 1987, and he has managed to stay on top of developments to keep up with the changing times in the field of oil drills.

  1. Awards

Eugene Plotkin was awarded the 2008 “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Ernst & Young for his outstanding contribution to technology. The same year, an independent jury was awarded the “International Businessman of the Year” award. He also received recognition from Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entire family because of his success; his invention has been used in over a dozen countries worldwide, and in each place, it has made millions of dollars with oil companies each year.

  1. Giving Back to the Community

Plotkin was one of the founders of a charity called the National Jewish Medical and Research Foundation. He also was a member of many different religious organizations, including the Chabad movement, Young Judaea, and Breslov, and when he became ill, he said his final prayer in French.

Eugene Potkin is a succesful businessman and inventor who, through his hard work and determination, has made substantial changes to the oil industry. He is also remembered for his generous donations of time and money to many charities and religious organizations.