Anette Bronder’s Reflection on Her Sporting Career

Anette Bronder knows all about what it takes to be a team player. Her sporting career has been instrumental in propelling Anette into the strong leadership roles she holds today. The correlation between athletes and success in management is apparently as around 95% of executives a history as athletes.

For Anette, her athleticism centered around handball. She started with ballet, then realized she was looking for something with a bit more excitement. This led her to handball, which she started playing at 15 years old. Anette wasn’t the fastest player on the field. However, she was one of the tallest. This asset came in perfect for the position of goalkeeper. Throughout the next 15 years, Anette stood goal in games across Germany.

When juggling her IT and handball careers, Anette decided it was time to leave handball behind. But what she didn’t leave behind, was the skills she had developed. Mainly, Anette focused on the following:

  1. Maintaining the right attitude: A good attitude helps you navigate challenges and push forward to reach your achievements. You must believe in yourself and those you work with.
  2. Staying focused and disciplined: Leaders should stay focused, trust themselves, and exercise self-discipline. Otherwise, they may not reach their goals.
  3. Prioritizing the opportunity to work on a team: Working as a team allows you to collaborate with others to determine your goal, find a path to success, and travel it together. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and strong leaders recognize and work with both.

With these three principles in mind, Anette demonstrates how time playing sports caters to career success.

About Anette Bronder: Anette Bronder is a mom of two, a manager, a supervisory board member, and a manager. She appreciates challenges and feels strongly about the correlation between athletics and future business success.