Alex Pissios CEO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

Alex Pissios is the CEO and President of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. He has been recognized as the man responsible for leading the revival of the Chicago film and television industry. When they think about filming and television production, most people all ring a bell in New York and Los Angeles. There are rarely shows made based in the Midwest, but Alex Pissios has decided to make a change from the norm.

Alex took a degree course in English literature at Northern Illinois University. After his graduation, he did not look for a teacher job. Instead, he started developing real estate around the United Center area. The business became successful but was hindered by the great recession in 2008.

Alex’s uncle, Nick Mirkopoulos , was a Cinespace owner in Toronto, and after he heard of Alex’s financial woes, he threw him an unexpected lifeline. It was to set him free of his debts and help him bankroll a studio at the Chicago market with him in charge. When Alex started the facility, he estimated it to make job opportunities for over twenty thousand people. So far, the international alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees membership has increased from two hundred to three hundred and finally to the thousands. Productions locally have risen from one or two per year to a dozen projects being filmed consecutively.

Away from his job, he is a philanthropist. He founded the Cine Cares Foundation in respect to his uncle and as a way of appreciating Chicago area citizens through education and job training. He is a volunteer for many programs, such as “Caregiver for a day,” to give back to the community. He is dedicated to making a positive impact on anyone he comes across, and faithful to his will, he has accomplished it most of the time.