Alejandro Betancourt-O’Hara’s Director

Alejandro Betancourt works at O’Hara Administration. He is the director of the company. O’Hara Administration specializes in asset investment and management. Betancourt’s role at O’Hara is to control the company’s shares.

Other Jobs

Alejandro Betancourt works for several other companies, such as Hawkers, which deals with sunglasses. Betancourt is the chairman at Hawkers. At Hawkers, his role is to oversee the company’s multiple activities, such as brand expansion, strategic relationships, etc., which can lead to the growth and development of its operations. He also works for a Canadian company specializing in producing and exploring energy and related products as the director. He’s also the director of Pacific Exploration. In the top managerial position at Pacific Exploration, Betancourt’s experience and effort have seen the company expand its operation to several companies, including Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Early Life

Alejandro Betancourt was born in 1980 in Venezuela. He spent his childhood in that country with his parents. After completing his junior and secondary school, he decided to join university to further his education.


Alejandro Betancourt joined Suffolk University to pursue his undergraduate degree. He later graduated with a BA degree in economics and business administration.

Professional Career

Alejandro Betancourt’s career started after he completed his undergraduate. After university, he secured a job at Guruceaga Group as a manager. While serving at Guruceaga, he also worked for ICC-OEOC, where he was the manager.

Vast Experience

While working for several globally renowned companies, Betancourt’s experience and expertise have increased tremendously. As the director of O’Hara, he applies his far-fetched expertise to ensure the company achieves its many goals.

A Role Model

Betancourt is a role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs and philanthropists. He is a motivational speaker who meets many entrepreneurs to share with them what it takes to succeed in the business world.