Yubo: The Newest Cool App You Don't Know About

There is a crazy fun new app called Yubo. They currently have 40 million users and expect $20 million in revenue this year, doubling their target revenue in 2019. Yubo generates this revenue without using ads. They believe that using ads is looking to compete with Facebook or TikTok. It is a social media app that is slowly changing the social media landscape. Users cannot follow or like, no stage acts, just a cool place to play games, form new friendships, or just hang out. Yubo makes it feel like you are hanging out with high school kids from all over the world. Users can join rooms based on subjects such as: local people, politics, or games. It is not a giant room of people with a few actors like Twitch, but it allows users to add friends and chat. There are generally only up to 10 people in the rooms on average and more

The Yubo app is also a responsible app. It educates the young users in moderation. All content is heavily analyzed, and they are currently working on popups to alert users of any behavior deemed unfit. Yubo has integrated local helplines and is available in 36 languages.

The app team is currently comprised of 30 people, but is obviously looking to expand. There are stations in London, Paris, and Jacksonville, Florida with a future New York station expected. The app is expanding with subscriptions and in-app purchases that can allow you to bring your profile to life or promote your live stream. They are also working with Youtube and Snap to integrate video streaming and AR lenses, respectively, into their rooms. This kind of creativity, combined with growing capital investments, shows that this app is something different.