Why Dr. Alddo Molinar is Recommending Individuals to Consider Wearing Face Masks

The use of face masks to prevent the spread of the current pandemic has been a major point of debate across the country and the world as well. This is the first time in recent years where people have been directed to wear face masks, which is a directive that has not settled well with a significant share of the people in the country who have a sense that such directives are contravening with human rights and freedoms. Dr. Alddo Molinar has been a medical professional for a lengthy period, which means that he is one of the reliable individuals who can help in pointing out some reliable information that can help in interpreting what people are facing. This means that he has been the voice of reason at a period where no person is willing to come up with some essential information that can help in bringing some changes. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


According to specialized anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar, the use of face masks is an undertaking that everyone in the country should ensure they have incorporated during this period despite their obvious differences. This is a unique case where individuals feel that they do not have to follow the guidelines, but there is a need to adhere to such basic requirements that will help in changing the lives of people in the community. Obviously, as Alddo Molinar states, masks are faced essentially in ensuring that the lives of millions of people are changing. This means that anyone who is wearing a face mask is helping to reduce the spread of the virus in the country. 


This should be a welcome aspect that should be appreciated by every other individual in the country. It is a welcome consideration that will go a long way in fighting the current pandemic. However, Dr. Alddo Molinar has listed some essential considerations that ought to be prevented when one is dealing with a pandemic. It is his view that some people should not consider wearing face masks. For example, Alddo Molinar points out, young kids should not be forced to wear face masks as it will directly interfere with their health. Also, people who have some breathing problems should not wear face masks to prevent some complex breathing challenges.