Whitney Wolfe Thinks Ahead

There is a lot of positive buzz in the air about Whitney Wolfe. She is someone that is definitely on the prowl when it comes to taking on other social media issues. She has put herself in a great position to become a spokesperson for the women that are looking for a dating app that is much more in tune with their needs.

With this dating app Whitney Wolfe has managed to start a lot of social change through Bumble. She is definitely giving people something to think about when it comes to a new way to look at dating, but this is not the only thing that she has put her mind into. There has also been quite a bit of praise for her creation of the Bumble BFF app.

When Whitney Wolfe created Bumble few people may have realized that she would be doing more than just another dating app. It is possible that her fans may have thought that she was only out to compete with the dating app called Tinder. This is a company that she used to work for, and it appeared that Bumble would simply be a competitor app for this.

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When she created the Bumble app that was actually just a small part of the equation. The dating app would be the beginning, but it certainly would not be the only thing that would play apart in what Whitney Wolfe was trying to do. She would also become someone that gave women a chance to build friendships with others through the Bumble BFF app. This is a very profound way for women to meet online and build friendships. Some women will meet and actually build a friendship where they will talk about places to hang out or shop.

Others will build friendships where they become connected to business partners. There are a bountiful number of possibilities that can be explored with the Bumble BFF app.

What this shows is that Whitney Wolfe is thinking ahead. She is not someone that is locked into a one-dimensional mind frame when it comes to expanding Bumble.

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