What John Ritenour Has Done To Stand Out In The Industry

John Ritenour is the proud co-founder of the Insurance Office of America. When they started the company in 1988, they were the first insurance company to focus on niche clients such as sports organizations in both the professional and amateur arenas. John Ritenour early on noticed a need in the insurance industry and made it his priority to fill it. He filled the needs of the sports industry when it came to insurance by developing plans for the customizable needs of sports teams and leagues as well as any other area of the sports business community which does include entertainment venues. He is aware that it’s not an easy thing to fill these needs for sports teams . There is not a one size fits all answer for the needs of the sports world. The needs vary from one sport to another and to be successful in providing this need to the industry you must take the time to truly understand the sport and all that is involved.

Sports teams need insurance to cover the risk of losing money just like we all get insurance to cover us from unforeseen issues. However, the difference is that two of the common situations that insurance is needed for a sports team include serious injury not just to players but also fans. The other is the loss of money due to the canceling of games. The pandemic that we are all still currently living through is a great example of how the latter could occur. Honestly, without the right insurance, it is easy to see that the pandemic could bankrupt an entire team and leave many with no job. John Ritenour understands that teams are not thinking about the potential pitfalls when it comes to insurance needs; it is his job to educate them.

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