The Life of Edgard Corona and His Success

Edgard Corona was born in Brazil, the son of parents who ran a sugar factory. He decided to go to college and get a degree in chemistry. After returning to his parents’ factory, he used his degree to help them in their factory.

At some point, Edgard Corona decided to branch out and go in his way. What he did first, is open his own gym called Bio Ritmo. He didn’t know anything at all about the gym business when he first started out but has said in interviews that you can’t really plan ahead too much in business anyway. You have to learn and adapt as you go so learning ahead of time may not even help that much. Every situation is different, and you’re not going to understand the situation or know what to do about it until you are actually in it.

That is how he explains his success with Bio Ritmo in the years after, and how the business spread across Brazil and South America. After that, he decided to try another gym company. This time, the focus was going to be more about learning for gymgoers who didn’t understand fitness very well.

This is how SmartFit was born. The company was modeled after the American company Planet Fitness. However, Edgard Corona decided to do things a little differently for SmartFit. He replaced some of his fitness instructors with televisions that had physical fitness content loaded onto them. This is how he saved on overhead a considerable amount, and how his new business got the emphasis of learning as you go with fitness and trying something new frequently. As a result, Mr. Corona is now one of the richest businessmen in the area and has even dabbled in politics connecting to the surrounding area in Brazil and beyond. Refer to this page for additional information.