Talk Fusion Associates Now Can Learn More Through Talk Fusion University

From the moment Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007, he wanted it to be more than just a way for him to make money. He wanted everyone who became a Talk Fusion associate to be able to find their own way to do the same. Reina had said once that he began introducing Talk Fusion’s products to some of his friends in the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department by displaying them in the trunk of his car. But he’s well aware that it goes well beyond that in today’s day of internet marketing and using videos to tell a story. So that’s why he started Talk Fusion University to provide a good starting point for new Talk Fusion associates. But even longtime associates can learn something new, or go back and watch the video course to get refreshers.

Bob Reina got the idea for Talk Fusion about 13 years ago when he was traveling and taking videos he wanted to email. Prior to then he served as a law enforcement officer in the Tampa area but had quit because he wanted to help people while still being able to set his own schedule and not have to miss out on family time ( He began a career in multilevel marketing trying certain niches that would usually lead to nowhere and he’d have to start a new one, but he kept at it with the goal of starting his own business. It took him about three years from the time he got the idea for video emails to actually putting out a product, but when he did he saw the demand for it what quite large. From there Talk Fusion took off and is still going strong.

Sending videos through email is still Talk Fusion’s main product, but they’ve developed new programs for live video chat sessions that can also be downloaded from the Google Play store for mobile devices and a cloud platform. Talk Fusion also has a giving back program through which they encourage associates to donate a Talk Fusion monthly account to any charity they wish. Talk Fusion’s video chat also won the 2016 “Product of the Year” award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

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