Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Genetic algorithms are changing the face of ecommerce. The main problem with A/B testing is the speed at which tests can be completed. They are incredibly slow. Managers can be left waiting for months while developers and marketers test out three or four pages one at a time. The constraints are restrictive to creative freedom and the bottleneck on deployment adversely affects the bottom line. Managers have been begging for a better way for years.

Enter Sentient AI. This artificial intelligence program gives managers the power to test hundreds of inputs at a time and expect a high rate of acceptance and conversion to follow. The testing process is done via multi-variate inputs and the tests run in tandem. Creative developers can let their imaginations roam free and never lose sleep over a forgotten or glossed over idea. Marketers can celebrate the fact that Sentient AI offers excellent personal merchandising through its testing and tracking methods. Best of all, customers can expect the perfect experience on any device they access your website from. Sentient AI will use its personal merchandising to build a profile of your audience and unique visitors. The most popular methods of interaction (mostly mobile) will be prioritized in the final production.


How does the algorithm work so efficiently? The Sentient AI algorithm is based on the genome. The algorithm takes a set of data as input that the developers and marketers supply it. The data will consist of web pages, products, and landing pages. Each page or product represents a new design change. For each of these changes the implementation must be tested with the existing website and every potential combination of the other changes. Without artificial intelligence, this would take decades. Sentient AI will begin testing these changes against your selected control and yield the statistical result for each input. The design elements with the most positive results will be retained for further testing. Each test represents a generation of evolution. The final stage of evolution will be your new website optimized for customer conversion.

When using this data for personal merchandising Sentient AI will take factors like demographic and search history into consideration. Individual users will see a list of related products from their most recent session. Sentient AI tracks session data and uses it to present customers with the perfect unique experience. Your customers will have exactly what they need when they need it.

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