Roberto Santiago’s Positive Influence with the Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago started the Manaira Mall from nothing and built it up to the empire that it is today. He has always tried to make sure he can help people get the opportunities they need no matter what they are shopping for or what they want to find. In addition, he tries to make sure he can help people with different things that will give them what they are looking for. Roberto Santiago knows there are different ways to provide these things to his customers and that’s what has allowed him to keep making the mall different. He wants to make it a better place for people to shop and continues to do that no matter what he is going through or how he plans on improving the mall. From restaurants to an expo center and even a hotel, the Manaira Mall has things that many other malls don’t even have.


The stores and the restaurants at Manaira are different from other malls. Because Roberto Santiago wanted his mall to be unique, he came up with contracts that would allow the mall to have the most exclusive designers. When he did this, he was able to show people what they were doing and how they could change things to make everything better. The mall not only has traditional designer stores and chain restaurants but they also have things that are specific to Brazil. There are various restaurants and stores that are only in Brazil and are unique to the region.


With the expo center, Roberto Santiago was hoping to provide people with a premier experience. He wanted everyone to know they could try different things and they could do their best to help themselves learn more about Brazil. There are different opportunities that Roberto Santiago has taken advantage of when he creates different options for the expo center. He only brings international stars to the center and he tries to make sure many of the events are focused on the culture in Brazil. Roberto Santiago has always wanted to make sure he could help people learn more about the region and the expo center gave him the ability to do that.


Now that there is a hotel for people to enjoy while they are visiting the mall, they don’t have to worry about what they are going to do or how they are going to stay at the mall while they are visiting. Roberto Santiago knew this was an important part of the business and knew having that available for all his customers would give them a chance to try different things. He wanted people to realize there were new options for them to enjoy no matter where they wanted to stay after shopping.


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