Paul Mampilly is a dedicated investment advisor

Profits Unlimited was founded by Paul Mampilly with the intentions of helping the ordinary citizens invest wisely. The subscribers have now grown to sixty thousand. Profit Unlimited is growing at a fast rate for a newsletter. Using his two decades of experience, Paul Mampilly was a hedge manager and he had various big clients such as Kinetics International and ING among others. In 2009, Paul signed up for the Templeton Foundation competition. Paul emerged the winner after he achieved 88 million dollars from a 50 million dollar investment. What was most shocking is that this was achieved during a time of financial crisis.

Profits Unlimited came about by the partnership of Paul Mampilly and the Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul was a good adviser in stock market investments and the Publishing Company offered the platform for Paul to share his skills and knowledge. His subscribers receive the newsletter on a monthly basis and they can be able to track their progress as they please through the website where they have created their own accounts. Clients are usually content with this arrangement and Paul Mampilly is making a successful business for himself. Paul has been acknowledged for the profits he assisted people to make through his constant advice to people.

Paul Mampilly has a degree in Finance and Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Montclair State University and Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He started at the Bankers Trust Company as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He was hugely involved with high-end clients. With his hard work, he got a promotion and became a Portfolio Manager. He later left the Company and joined Deutsche Asset Management. He worked there for a couple of years before moving on into a senior position at ING. With the vast experience he had earned during his employment period, he started his own research firm that focused on the behavioral traits in finance and more information click here.

Paul later joined the Kinetics Asset Management as a Senior Portfolio Manager where he managed investments worth twenty-five billion dollars. He left this Company to start off his writing career and analysis. In this role, he worked at Common Sense Publishing, Agora Financial, and The Professional Speculator. Paul Mampilly re-evaluated his milestones and decided that he wanted to help other people walk the investment path through his advice. That is when he started Profits Unlimited. His research assists people in different levels of life make wise investments and earn from them.

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