Omar Yunes is the Driving Force Behind Sushi Itto

The international critical acclaim was received by Omar Yunes after he had become a franchisee of joined Sushi Itto. This is a Japanese food service network. Under his management, a subsidiary of the company was awarded the 2015 Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award. This is a subsidiary that is based in the Mexico City. This award ceremony was held in Florence, Italy. It was focused on honoring all those brands which were excelling in this franchising industry and what Omar Yunes knows.

Sushi Itto has several offices besides Mexico City. This includes Veracruz and Puebla too. In all, there are 13 franchise units. Omar Yunes had taken his first franchise when he was just 21 years old. No one had expected such a young person to receive success that was of such epic proportions. Omar Yunes spoke at the BFW award ceremony where he dedicated this award to the professional team of Sushi Itto that comprised of 400 employees. Omar Yunes maintains that it is the passion and dedication of this professional team that has enabled the food service brand to develop products that are innovative as well as unique too.

This award ceremony had representatives of BFW who came in from 34 nations. This included Mexico, and Portugal, France, besides Brazil, and Hungary. These franchisees were presented the awards based on the contributions they had made to a brand or enhanced knowledge, provided influence, as well as the motivation of employees and read full article.

This was where Omar Yunes was able to take the first position in the category of national qualifier due to his complete involvement as he helped Sushi Itto to implement control boards besides adopting several information management strategies that were much better than the previous ones and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

The second place went to Iván Tamer, who is the franchisee for Prendamex. The CEO of Sushi Itto is Benjamin Cancelmo. He feels that these awards have reflected the commitment of the company to providing excellent customer service. The judges for this Mexican chapter of BFW included the representatives of the Entrepreneur, besides the Mexican Association of Franchises, as well as the Universidad Anáhuac and

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