No More Face Masks Required at SeaWorld

As of May 14, 2021 SeaWorld Orlando is giving the people what they want! Following the most recent CDC recommendations, SeaWorld Orlando is no longer requiring face masks to be worn inside or outside for vaccinated individuals. While masks have been controversial to some, until now SeaWorld Orlando required them for everyone to comply with CDC regulations. This was an effort to keep visitors and staff safe and to keep SeaWorld Orlando a safe experience for everyone. However, SeaWorld locations will also be following local ordinances to insure a pleasant and safe visit for everyone. In California, SeaWorld San Diego will required visitors to continue to wear masks and other face coverings. All SeaWorld staff and employees will continue to put the safety of visitors first and will continue to require staff to wear face coverings. SeaWorld will continue to be flexible and adjust their guidelines as circumstances change. SeaWorld is dedicated to providing the best customer experience.

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If a guest has not been vaccinated they are still required to wear a mask. This is to guarantee the continued health of those around them. Social distancing guidelines should still be observed inside the park including outside areas and inside areas. People not in the same household should maintain at least three feet away from one another. Those who are required to continue wearing masks should be prepared with one. For the convenience of the park’s guests mask coverings will be available for purchase at reasonable prices throughout all SeaWorld parks and locations. Masks will not be required for those eating or drinking at certain park areas. Because SeaWorld is realistic about the needs of families, small children under the age of 2 will not be required to wear face masks or coverings. The safety of everyone, staff, visitors, and of course the animals in SeaWorld’s Care remain the highest of priorities.

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