Marks Sparks business experience and vast knowledge can help any entrepreneur get off their feet

Mark Sparks is an American businessman, author, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Though this C+ average high school (and no college experience) student was not at the top of his game, he sure made up for it in spades. Mark is a self made man that rose from the bottom to become a leader and expert in starting businesses from the ground up. He is the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm that provides a number of services to entrepreneurs. This includes equipment, office space, and capital. Timber Creek was founded in 2000 and is located in Dallas, Texas, Mark’s hometown. Learn more:


This exuberant entrepreneur is also a philanthropist in his spare time. He has donated time and money to The American Can! Academy, The Samaritan Inn (a Texas based homeless shelter), and Habitat for Humanity. The Samaritan Inn houses 160 people per night and the average stay is five months. They help people with job placement, health programs, counseling, family services, and financial education. The programs is so successful they have to turn down over seventy people a week. Mark Sparks started his own foundation that helps underprivileged kids called Sparky’s Kids foundation. In 2014, Mark published his book “They Can’t Eat You”. It’s his personal story of how he came from nothing with little resources and funds, to making it big. It also give priceless pearls of wisdom to budding entrepreneurs on how to build their own businesses. It has inspired countless people and gets rave reviews. Learn more:


Previous businesses Mark founded are Uncle Marc Food Delivery (a food delivery service), Cobalt Real Estate Services, Blue Jay Wireless (a prepaid service for little to no income people and families), Boxstar LLC, Bonn Oir (specialty vodka manufacturer), Cardinal Telecom LLC, Agency Matrix, GlobalTec Solutions, Splash Media (media marketing services specializing in video production), and Reliant Healthcare. He has been mostly involved in the telecommunication industry, but also worked in real estate and other such businesses. He has 34 years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt and wants to inspire others to take the same leap. Being an entrepreneur can be hard work, but very rewarding. Here are a few factors that make a business successful according to Mark. First, offer a unique service or product. People will not be interested in your product if everyone else makes it. What makes it stand out? Be clear about how to make money with your product or service. It will makes things easier and you won’t waste a bunch of time. Lastly, find your market by seeing who your customers are. Learn more:


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