Mark Hauser, the brain behind the rise of a venture capital firm (HPE)

The production market in the United States has risen at a 0.4 percent annual rate during the last five years and is predicted to grow by 9.8 percent this year. Hauser Private Equity (HPE), a blended venture capital firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has capitalized on the sector’s development by participating in multiple acquisitions. The company has participated in a number of relevant transactions aimed at the lower-middle and middle markets. HPE Founder Director Mark Hauser, who has over decades of work expertise in capital investments, consolidations, and administration, has overseen the agreements. The following is a quick rundown of HPE’s and related fund partners’ completed deals.

Sigma Electric Manufacturing

Sigma Electric Manufacturing, a worldwide provider in manufactured solid steel components and assemblies, was bought by Argand Partners, LP, one of HPE’s fund partners, in 2016, increasing the firm’s total capital base to $4.4 billion. Goldman Sachs Private Equity and other current shareholders contributed 100% of the company’s share capital.

Walker Edison

Walker Edison, the largest provider of unique and economical household goods to multinational e-commerce portals, was bought in 2018 by Hauser Private Equity and J.W. Childs Associates, LP, a private equity group specializing in operational value development in the middle-market growing firms. Walker Edison owners Brad Bonham and Matt Davis kept a large ownership share as part of the deal.

Transportation Insight

In 2019, Gryphon Investors and co-investors, notably Mark Hauser, a significant asset-light supplier of industrial shipping and freight brokerage services, made a substantial acquisition in Transportation Insight LLC. As a result, Gryphon now has 346 million dollars in consumables, financial and commercial services, medical services, manufacturing, and production under its management. The firm’s integrated patented innovative and class-leading services technology allows customers to improve their transport systems, decrease shipping costs, provide on-time shipments, and streamline their complicated supply chains, piqued the interest of Mark Hauser and HPE. HPE provided its manufacturing, shipping, and logistics capabilities.

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