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Life Line Screening is a private firm that was initiated in 1993 by Colin Sculy and Timothy Phillips. It is based in Austin, Texas and it usually uses prevention as a key objective of its operation. Early diagnosis to prevent build up bacteria, virus or any other pathogen helps just reduce the impact of diseases on an individual’s health. It conducts screening services to adults in several communities across the United States of America. After it was founded in 1993, it has gradually developed over the years, and by 1998 it had already acquired a large client base of over half a million people. Later in 2007, the company started testing for cholesterol count, inflammation and even diabetes through the finger-stick blood testing which had just been introduced and read full article.

Its project of preventive health screening services was launched in 2007 in the United Kingdom. Currently, Life Line Screening has grown to serve most people. The average number of screenings in a year are as high as one million in a single year. They offer blood screenings, electrocardiographs, and ultrasound scans. Through the University of Florida, screening that is being conducted by various organizations is regulated to ensure the methods being used are authentic and safe. Life Line Screening hasn’t had such scandals relating to fraud or relating to insecure methods of screening. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Firm also has charges for its screening activities which are usually conducted by over 16,000 native communities throughout the year.

Many times, people tend to think that life line screening is similar to a standard check-up. However, Life Line Screening provides much more than a standard physical. The major difference is that Life Line not only deals with individuals who show symptoms of a disease, they are also able to identify a normal healthy individual who is still not displaying any signs but is exposed to unhealthy risk factors or have some risk factors. Such factors are high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Age is also an important concern as old age is associated with a weak immune system and learn more about Life Line Screening.

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