Krishen Iyer´s Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Endeavors

California native Krishen Iyer is a financially savvy business executive and has attracted great admiration from his peers for his entrepreneurial competencies. He is an alumnus of San Diego State University and holds a degree in Public Administration. Over the years, Krishen Iyer has had a heart of entrepreneurship, propelling him to launch several companies. He established the MNP insurance as his first venture then progressed to start the Managing Benefits Services. 


The Managed Benefits Services company primarily focuses on helping enterprises market their brand, gain business traction and maximize profitability. MAIS Consulting is a recently established company owned by Krishen Iyer. Led by the successful entrepreneur, MAIS Consulting strives to help startups and existing enterprises within the insurance market to develop modern-day organizational structures. Under Iyer’s leadership, the firm’s primary goal is to drive marketplace solutions that propel the sustainability and profitability of their clients. Iyer’s ability to source competent and talented experts has advanced quality service delivery for his consulting firm. 

He prides himself in engaging clients, understanding their needs, and innovating solutions to their long-term and short-term business challenges. In addition, Krishen Iyer possesses decades-long corporate governance expertise. This enables him to maintain networks that have informed his current liaisons with other growth-oriented companies. Krishen Iyer is a family man. Besides being a soccer fanatic, Iyer is a sports enthusiast who spends his leisure time playing tennis and chess. MAIS Consulting CEO, Krishen is a passionate philanthropist. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the nonprofits that receive backing from the fervid entrepreneur Krishen Iyer.