Jason Hope´s plan on Anti Aging

When it comes to predicting future technologies, a successful entrepreneur is exceptionally accurate. Jason Hope was born and raised in Scottsdale and attended W.P Carey School of Business, where he attained his MBA. Apart from being a successful activist investor, he is also known for his participation in charity work. His ideas when it comes to future technologies intrigue a lot of people worldwide. Jason Hope is also interested in politics, as well as national politics. Due to his business success, he also spares time to consult and advise upcoming business people. Nowadays, the Internet of Things is becoming common because more people appreciate it. 


Jason Hope


Jason Hope noticed the potential that IoT would have on technology way before anybody else. Additionally, as time goes by, Jason believes that IoT will make it possible to connect everything, hence improving efficiency and speed. As a result, the management of tasks will be easier. For Jason Hope, IoT will not only connect homes, but it will also assist in dealing with health issues by improving wellness.  In 2010, Hope became world-famous when he donated a considerable amount of money to the SENS Research Foundation to get better equipment (Openthenews). 


Jason Hope opted to donate to the foundation because he strongly believes in its mission. Currently, the foundation is researching new ways of curing the process of aging. The foundation focuses specifically on treating illnesses and diseases caused by aging. The rejuvenation bio technologies play a massive role in helping the foundation cure aging. Jason Hope might be working on many projects, but most of his attention is on IoT and the SENS Foundation because he believes in improving the quality of life to prevent aging. According to Jason Hope, the only way people can live longer and healthier lives is by changing the perception of medicine. The main secret that people around the world need to embrace is that prevention is better than cure.