Interview with Stephen Bittel – The Founder of Terranova Corporation

Stephen Bittel has more than forty years of experience working in the commercial real estate business. He is a Miami native and graduated from Bowdoin College. After gaining his bachelor’s degree in economics, Stephen studied for a year abroad under the Fellowship of Watson. He relocated to Miami to acquire a law degree at the University of Miami.

The founder of Terranova Corporation, Bittel is an exclusive agent in South Florida worth $5 billion in commercial projects and a representative of noteworthy clients, including New York Life, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America.

He established Terranova Corporation while pursuing his law degree, working from his home office to develop the company from scratch. Even though Bittel didn’t graduate from the school of law, he considered Terranova one of his top priorities.

Terranova Corporation started operating for a local partnership commercial property and has grown its property base, establishing multiple office buildings, multi-family assets, and industrial parks.

About Terranova Corporation

Terranova Corporation is a multi-strategy private equity and real estate investor. According to Stephen Bittel, he established the corporation in 1980, and it has grown to be one of the top real estate companies in Florida with a billion dollars assets portfolio.

Top Skills That Successful Entrepreneurs Need

Stephen Bittel notes that every successful entrepreneur needs unrelenting drive, integrity, and empathy. As a company leader, you highlight your company’s vision and ensure everything focuses on it. Empathy is a useful skill in your life and your company.

It is essential to know we are all different and seek to know others’ points of view. When looking at famous business leaders, they are different but have a common trait. Without persistence in adversities and difficulties, you lack determination and grit to grow your company. As a Miami native, Stephen is dedicated to serving the community and growing his company. Click here for more information.


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