How Securus Technologies is Keeping Your City Safe

I work on a very busy fugitive task force that will stop at nothing and go as far as it takes to get the bad guys behind bars. We had a very troubling case on our hands this year, and the suspect was on the loose in my town and putting all residents on high alert. When this suspect literally walked out of the jail, he put an entire community in danger due to the types of crimes he was committing. He was supposed to be rotting away in jail for the rest of his life, but he pulled off one of the most daring escapes in recent years, and now he was on my radar.


The next thing we do is return to the jail in the hopes that someone will step up and give us some information about the escape. The inmates have a very strict code of conduct about talking to the police, and we had a really tough time getting an audience at the prison. While there, the corrections officers told us Securus Technologies was on site installing their latest inmate communications monitoring system, and we were intrigued about what it could do.


The call monitoring system is able to do the work over several officers, listening to calls and identifying keywords that relate to crimes, drugs, or weapons. We sat with the company and input our suspects name and discovered it wasn’t long before we hit pay-dirt. One of the inmates who was in on a very short sentence, referenced favors he was doing to other inmate that would result in him getting compensated heavily once he left the jail. Our team took the lead and staked out his families houses and discovered our suspect was in hiding for a week in an abandoned house in the back of that property.


Without Securus Technologies, we never find that house or our suspect before he commits another crime.


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