Georgette Mulheir Defends Haitian Victims

Georgette Mulheir founded the human rights organization Defend Haiti’s Democracy in 2021 to promote awareness of the difficulties faced everyday by the Haitian people. She has spent her life’s mission transforming the lives of disadvantaged children, women, and refugees in 33 countries across the globe. Georgette Mulheir´s organization focuses on the humanitarian crisis created by the corrupt dictatorship and ruthless gang violence that terrorizes the Haitian citizens. Georgette is on a quest for peace and justice within the country.


She hopes to put an end to the violence and corruption. Haiti is still recovering from crippling debt and infrastructure which was demolished from the 7.0 earthquake in 2010 that killed 200,000 people. However, in the last few years corruption within the Haitian government has dismantled the democracy of the nation. Georgette Mulheir says that President Jovenel Moise has created a dictatorship in the country due to stalled parliamentary elections in 2019. His failure to resign from office in 2021, has confirmed his opposition to democracy and his people’s independence. 

This has wreaked havoc on the citizens of Haiti, who have only been victims of the violence and lawlessness. There is a history of gang violence within the country that has escalated in the last few years. As a result of the failed elections, government leaders in Haiti have aligned themselves closely with gang leaders creating dangerous alliances. Georgette Mulheir points out that gangs in Port-au-Prince have violently attacked human rights volunteers and oppositionists. Haitians are terrified of the ruthless violence, robberies, and kidnappings that the government fails to protect them from.