Frances Townsend and her contribution to Activision Blizzard success

Frances Townsend is the Executive Vice President for the Corporate Affairs at Activision Blizzard. There are several roles she has been playing at the interactive gaming company that has worked towards making her achieve great success in coming up with effective solutions that help in handling a wide range of issues at the company. By coming up with the right skills, she has solved several issues facing the company. She is highly experienced in dealing with personal issues and matters related to workplace compliance.

Financial advice

Activision Blizzard has a background in finance. The skills are very helpful in growing Activision Blizzard. The gaming company keeps on growing to new markets. To tackle the challenges in the new markets, they need to put their finances in order. They can rely on highly experienced exerts such as Frances to get the required expertise. She is an active leadership takes time to assess different issues that affect people in the community before coming up with the right measures. Her decision to employ the best strategies in dealing with different issues in the company has made her among the reliable top managers.

Legal and international relations

Several issues related to international affairs that require the top management team at the interactive gaming company to handle. She knows how to handle such issues in the company’s everyday operations. She has been working with other experts at the company to develop the best strategies to deal with a wide range of issues that affect the company’s day-to-day running. Working with her can be a big step towards solving different company issues.

Compliance issues

There are some compliance issues she knows how to deal with. Her career experience involves dealing with different compliance issues. She has been of great help in coming up with the best strategies to deal with the compliance issues.

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