Fabletics and the Reason People Go To Fashion Malls

While people are still looking at companies for the products they are carrying in most cases, there is an awakening on the part of people when it comes to social responsibility. One of the reasons that people are waking up more to what the fashion company is doing to bring the products to people. This is resulting in the need to put more effort into social responsibility from companies like Fabletics. Kate Hudson is noticing the awakening of customers. This is why she has made sure that her company is ethical in every way from the sustainability and friendliness to the environment to the way that the workers are treated and compensated for their efforts.


The main reason that people go to fashion malls is so that they can feel good about themselves. Therefore, they will buy clothes that they like so that they will improve their self image. However, as more people are learning about the ethics and methods of fashion companies, they are finding it harder to feel good about the products they purchases. For brands that are involved in any kind of shady practices, the customers are feeling ashamed of the clothes they have as opposed to wearing them with joy.


Kate Hudson and the other founders of Fabletics want people to be able to dress and feel good with a clean conscience. She puts herself in the shoes of customers, especially those that are willing to fight for social causes. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics has not only taken on body positive messages such as the all inclusive initiative but also addressed issues facing women such as breast cancer and health related issues. One thing that people associate with fashion is the message behind the clothing and accessories that people wear.


One of the issues that people want to be careful about is the message they send with the clothes they wear. One of the most important aspects of the message they send is the brand they buy clothes from. For instance, many people want to make sure that they are sending a message about health and acceptance as well as diversity with their clothing. The best thing is that Fabletics knows how to send this message with just the design of the clothes. As opposed to phrases that some other brands would put on the clothes that they create for the customers.

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