Dick DeVos Involvement in Humanitarian Quests

Dick DeVos is one of the few people who has devoted themselves to transforming communities in the United States. He is based in Michigan and belongs to one of the state’s wealthiest families. His father is a significant shareholder at Amway and Orlando Magic basketball club. DeVos is a successful entrepreneur while his wife, Betsy DeVos, serves as the U.S secretary of education. The couple has been working hard to improve the education sector for years. The two have led campaigns in Michigan and other parts of the United States to advocate for a better education system that favors all Americans.


DeVos is a wealthy individual and has offered part of his wealth to help other people. With support from his wife, he runs a charity that is called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization has had an impact on the education, art, Christian, and political sectors. It has given millions of dollars to ensure that underprivileged students can access a decent education. Through the Education Freedom Fund, Dick has supported more than 4000 children by offering them scholarships and educational grants. The fund has donated money to various learning institutions that include Northwood University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


The businessman is acknowledged for his role in the development of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. His family’s foundation gave money to establish the charter high school. Dick is an aviation enthusiast, and he built the institution to offer an opportunity to young people to acquire the skill. Another major charity program that he has funded is the Great Lakes Education Project, which was founded to support Michigan-based charter learning institutions. DeVos and his family have been involved in art-related activities in Michigan, and this motivated them to sponsor the construction of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The organization helps individuals with different talents. His son is the founder of the ArtPrize, which organizes annual art contests in Michigan. Dick currently sits on the boards of several organizations that are devoted to bettering the United States’ school structure.


Dick and his wife are Christians who believe in helping the less fortunate people. They have been assisting in the development of affordable to homes to support the low-income earners in Michigan. They are benefactors of the Inner City Christian Federation, which is an organization that allocates houses to disadvantaged people. Dick and Betsy have given millions of dollars to facilitate Christian-based missions.


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