Desiree Perez Strikes More Great Deals, Continues to Shine

Entertainment is a huge industry, and competition is fierce. But while there are a lot of men in this industry, a few women stand out with their performance. One such woman is Desiree Perez. She is an entrepreneur, producer and talent manager and more information click here.

She has been a crucial part of Jay-Z’s media success for over two decades. She handles concert tours, music production, and developing new talent. She is a workhorse for the corporations she’s responsible for, maximizing profits for investors and her Facebook.

As Jay-Z has faced tough negotiations and tried to navigate the difficult world of stardom, Dez Perez has been by his side. She knows how to reach a positive conclusion, even out of difficult situations. It’s no wonder he’s kept her in his circle of influence for so long.

Some of her many accomplishments include netting a $25 million deal with Samsung to promote Rihanna’s tour. She also helped Roc Nation get a $150 million arrangement with Live Nation, which has helped the two powerhouses gain fans and love all around the world. They even extended this deal for another decade and learn more about Dez Perez.

While such accomplishments may seem easy to outsiders, Perez proves that nothing to this life is handed to, even if it seems like it. Her hard work and determination have ensured successful business outcomes and helped her manage some of the biggest personalities in the space. From show runners to talent to other producers, she understands people and resume her.

While it may seem that having contact with so many rich and famous may have changed who she is, she is still the gritty person she always was. In a world where show business can be vapid and empty, she proves that soul, wit, and determination are still important factors in the glitzy towns of NYC and Hollywood. Perez continues to dominate and win for her clients because of it and

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