Desiree Perez Continues To Bring Success RocNation

The RocNation record label has often been referred to as ahead of its time in terms of the different areas of the entertainment industry the Jay-Z headed brand is willing to enter as the company looks for success in almost every arena of the entertainment world. The success of the RocNation brand has been added to through the work of Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of the record label and entertainment agency who has become one of the closest business ally’s of the RocNation founder; across the entertainment industry, Desiree Perez has become one of the leading executives and negotiators knew for her success in creating contracts and striking deals to benefit the RocNation brand, and follow her Twitter.

Unlike many music industry executives, Desiree Perez has not limited her work to simply maximizing the profits of RocNation but is also concerned with the development of young and established artists in terms of artistic growth and business development. Desiree Perez is a key part of the RocNation team who spends much of her time exploring the opportunities on offer to the latest artists signed to one of the world’s most successful independent labels; Perez herself curates regularly produced playlists for the Tidal streaming service she has done much to build over the last few years, and what Desiree Perez knows.

After launching to much fanfare the purpose of Tidal has shifted to include a range of different opportunities for new artists who are either signed by RocNation or are looking for their break in the music industry. Much of the work done to develop Tidal has been completed by Desiree Perez as she has created a partnership between Tidal and mobile network, Sprint which sees the users of the network given access to the library of Tidal as part of their service, and

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