Bobby Kotick- Trading Day Recap

Kotick is the chief executive officer of one of the largest video and gaming knew as Activision Blizzard. Since his ascension to the senior position, Bobby Kotick has managed to steer the company y into a solid global developer in interactive entertainment. Bobby Kotick served as Activision’s chairman and the chief executive officer from February 1991 until late 2008, when the company merged with another successful company in the same field known as Blizzard. With the successful merger, Bobby assumed the board of Directors President and was capped as the company Chief Executive Officer. Booby was quite successful in his new role and served as Activision Blizzard President from July of 2008 until 2017, when he officially resigned as president.

Previously, Bobby Kotick has served in other organizations as a board member and others as chairman to some of the leading global conglomerates. Some of the organizations that Bobby has been privileged to share his widespread expertise in business management include the famous beverage maker, Coca-Cola company, the Harvard Westlake school, and the Los Angeles County Museum. Bobby has also successfully partnered with other like-minded individuals and founded a company that he co-chairs known as Call of the Duty Endowment. This organization focuses on assisting veterans in acquiring well-paying jobs either in the corporate world or in the public sector. The organization creates awareness of the benefits and the impacts of having veterans as part of your team.

Having been named as one of the longest-serving chief executive officers in the interactive entertainment industry, Bobby Kotick brings to the table a wealth of experience in the industry. Bobby Kotick is a graduate of the famous University of Michigan. Over the years, Bobby has received some significant industry accolades, such as the Harvard Business review as the global best performing chief executive officer.

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