Betsy DeVos Advocates For The Power of the Free Markets

Markets are some of the most important of all factors in American life. Many Americans rely on the markets to help them accomplish things in life. For one woman, Betsy DeVos, the markets are the place where she feels most at home. She has been there to help work with the free markets when it comes to the world of education. She’s seen how these markets can create incredible experiences for so many people. The same is true for the world of education. In her view, it is essential to have effective education for each student in the United States. She thinks that the free markets can work wonders. She has seen that free markets allow people to find the jobs they want and locate an ideal way to earn a living. Her work has let her to learn that education can do the same when it comes to the power of free markets in American life.


Markets and Education


Her life has been about what it is that free markets can get done. She has been very much someone who has benefited from this type of market in her own personal life. Her own father had a large fortune that he earned by taking advantage of the fact that the free markets can help people. This is one principle that she has done her best to show will work when it comes to the world of free markets and education in the United States. She cares very much about ensuring that all students get access to education no matter where they live right now. Free markets can help with this process by doing much to weed out schools that are not functioning as they should. In her view, this will make them better schools for all children.


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