Andrew Frame Shares Insights Into His Career And Business Success

Andrew Frame is celebrated as one of the most ambitious tech entrepreneurs. Remarkably, he started his entrepreneurial adventure at age 15 after dropping out of high school. Today, he is celebrated as a trailblazer in the safety and security sector through his business venture, Citizen.

This industry-leading security updates app provides its community with real-time information on any security concerns around them. The app derives its security updates from monitoring 911 chatter and sieving what is helpful to its community. Not so long ago, Andrew Frame attended an interview where he shared insights into his career and business success.

The inspiration for Citizen

The tech entrepreneur stated that Citizen App was launched in 2016 as Vigilante. However, he opted to change its name from Vigilante to Citizen to broaden its market appeal. He pointed out that the inspiration for the app resulted from a deep desire to do something with his tech expertise that will help make life better for consumers at a personal level. Andrew Frame said that although there were other security updates apps at the time, he felt that nearly all of them fell short of providing impactful services. Thus, he set up Citizen with the goal of making sure that its community received security updates that would actually make a difference to their safety.

A typical day for Andrew

When asked what his typical looks like, the Citizen CEO mentioned that the pandemic had drastically changed how he ran his typical day. Additionally, before the pandemic, he resided in New York, and now he is in Los Angeles. He pointed out that he usually starts his day early in the morning, takes coffee, exercises, and checks on recent news. Andrew Frame stated that he always begins with the most critical tasks in the morning, as this is when he is most productive. He said that during the evenings, he prefers pursuing his passions. Read more about Andrew Frame, here.


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