Agora Financial Providing Trusted and Credible Financial Forecast

Bill Bonner founded Agora Financial in the year 1979 with the aim to publish news, reports, and financial updates that would help create a broader awareness about the financial world to the general public. As a business journalist with over three decades of experience, Bill Bonner felt that there is a dire need to educate the everyday people about the dynamics of the financial market, and it is why Agora Financial came into being. It is a leading publishing house in the United States and its financial reports, commentary, and analysis are used by famous financial analysts as well as financial news channels, including CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg.

Agora Financial has a brilliant track record when it comes to financial forecasting. In the past couple of decades, Agora Financial has forecasted some significant economic news such as mortgage crisis, decline in the prices of Gold, fall in crude oil prices, real estate bubble, dot-com crisis, and more. The financial forecasts made by Agora Financial helped its readers to pull out from the market at the right time, which helped them protect their money. While the majority of the population lost their money due to the market crisis, the readers of Agora Financial who listened to the tips and advice of the publication were saved from the unbearable losses due to the sluggish market.

Agora Financial has gained substantial insight into how the market works after following it closely for nearly four decades. It has over a million subscribed readers who trust Agora Financial for its financial reporting. The readers of Agora Financial base their financial and investment decision on the news and information provided by it, which has helped hundreds and thousands of readers to make considerable returns from their investments. Agora Financial has different publications focused on various industries, which allows the readers choose from as per their personal preferences and interest.

Agora Financial has been able to gain the trust of its readers by helping them understand how the financial market works, and which investment options they can trust with eyes closed. The publications of Agora Financial are not directed towards only financial reports and analysis, but also provide tips and guides on how to allocate the investments to maximize the returns. Some of the leading financial publications by Agora are Penny Sleuth, Daily Reckoning, Breakthrough Technology Alert, Total Income Alert, Options Hotline, Energy and Scarcity Investor, and more.

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