Adam Milstein

Philanthropy is among the most honorable pursuits on the planet. Adam Milstein has taken philanthropy to its limits. Having dedicated the majority of his life to its pursuit and execution, Milstein is a humanitarian through and through, and read full article.

A professional real estate investor for the majority of his adult life, Milstein has amassed enormous amounts of wealth and clout from the practice. Having received an MBA in the practice from USC, Milstein made real estate investment his first hill to conquer. And conquer he did: Adam Milstein stands as one of the most successful and renowned investors in Southern California. Making things even more impressive, Southern California is one of the most competitive areas to practice in the country. Although he found unparalleled success in real estate, Milstein merely used the incredibly challenging discipline as jumping off point for future ventures. Bringing things back to the start, Milstein’s most impassioned venture has been his departures into the world of philanthropy, and his Website.

Adam Milstein has had an enormous impact on a vast array of humanitarian groups. With the majority of the group being focused on improving the Israeli-American experience, Milstein has dedicated his philanthropic career to improving life for his fellows. Having served as Chairman of the Board for the Israeli American Council for several years, Milstein’s reach is vast. Additionally, Milstein has also created lasting relationships with like-minded groups such as StandWithUs, Hillel, Israel On Campus Coalition, and Christians United For Israel. With the well-being of his people as the center of his ambition, Milstein is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow for the next generation of Israeli-Americans, and

Milstein’s reach as a humanitarian is far from limited to large, multi-million dollar organizations. Adam Milstein is also connected with millennial Israeli-Americans. Just this past year, Adam Milstein was awarded a spot among the top 25 most influential Jewish people on twitter, affirming the reach of his influence. Additionally, Milstein was also given a spot among the top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life in 2015. A distinguished honor, and one that speaks to the quality of Milstein’s philanthropic efforts. In conclusion, Adam Milstein is an exalted philanthropist and exceptional individual.

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