Month: October 2017

Fabletics and the Reason People Go To Fashion Malls

While people are still looking at companies for the products they are carrying in most cases, there is an awakening on the part of people when it comes to social responsibility. One of the reasons that people are waking up more to what the fashion company is doing to bring the products to people. This is resulting in the need to put more effort into social responsibility from companies like […]

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Desiree Perez Strikes More Great Deals, Continues to Shine

Entertainment is a huge industry, and competition is fierce. But while there are a lot of men in this industry, a few women stand out with their performance. One such woman is Desiree Perez. She is an entrepreneur, producer and talent manager and more information click here. She has been a crucial part of Jay-Z’s media success for over two decades. She handles concert tours, music production, and developing new […]

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