Month: July 2017

Life Line Screening Bringing Change to Humanity

Life Line Screening is a private firm that was initiated in 1993 by Colin Sculy and Timothy Phillips. It is based in Austin, Texas and it usually uses prevention as a key objective of its operation. Early diagnosis to prevent build up bacteria, virus or any other pathogen helps just reduce the impact of diseases on an individual’s health. It conducts screening services to adults in several communities across the […]

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Marks Sparks business experience and vast knowledge can help any entrepreneur get off their feet

Mark Sparks is an American businessman, author, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Though this C+ average high school (and no college experience) student was not at the top of his game, he sure made up for it in spades. Mark is a self made man that rose from the bottom to become a leader and expert in starting businesses from the ground up. He is the founder of Timber Creek […]

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Jason Hope Plus the Internet of Things

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT, is the next biggest thing in the way of technology. “What is the Internet of Things?” one may ask. For some who don’t know what the Internet of Things is, such terminology may seem confusing and conjure up vague thoughts of sitting at a laptop. However, the Internet of Things does not just have to do with a computer or […]

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